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Let's Change How We Age

Your health and how you age are dependent upon certain factors:

1) Genetics ---visit your doctors regularly to stay ahead, document your baseline and address what needs to be done. Don't skip on preventative measures.

2) Environment--- a clean living space and having outdoor options can impact your mood and level of mobility.

3) Internal will power--- having a routine of physical and mental tasks to enjoy each day.

4) Daily movement--- living life and doing errands can be more work than exercise but strength training is a plus!

5) Food--- even if your appetite declines, ensure that you feed your body the protein and veggies it craves.

6) Rest Appropriately---- if your sleep is interrupted at night, adapt your sleep routine (and seek a pelvic PT !). Keep a day/night circadian rhythm, time your naps if necessary.

Janet Dee, PT 9/14/2022

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